Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girls Camp!

I was so glad to be able to go to YW Girls Camp. We had 19 girls and we all had a blast. We were in Sheboygan's Kohler Andrea State Park so we had dunes and a beach right behind our campsite. We had many activities and spiritual moments I will not soon forget. We did get rained out so we finished Camp at the Church, which was interesting. It was a wonderful week and here is a glimpse at it.

See ya next year!!!

Scott's 12th Birthday

On June 29th Scott turned 12. We went to Dave and Busters with a few of his friends. They had a blast. Both of his friends had Birthdays in the same week, so we celebrated all of their big days. The new addition to our family is a Gecko named Grover. Scott has wanted one for years, he was so happy.


This Spring my Mom and I went up to Phillips, WI to work in the Cemeteries where our family is buried. We cleaned headstones and they turned out great! Tried to go to the Court House to do some Genealogy but they were on a furlo day, oh well. It was a fun weekend...we even saw a bear!

Before we left Mom had to give Grandpa a drink...I am sure he loved it!!!!
This is what I LOVE about cleaning headstones. This is my Great Grandfather and now we can read his information. It is a great feeling.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A few days after my Grandma Deglman passed away we had to make the tough decision to go on our family vacation to Jamaica. For me it was an agonizing decision, but one I am glad I made the way I did. The day of her funeral I appreciated my alone time, and I now know she is glad we went.

We had a great time. It was a relaxing vacation where we did many new things like snorkeling, zip lining and eating healthy at an all-inclusive resort! No major sunburn with full sun all but 1 day of the trip. We enjoyed the countryside and seeing how the native population lives. Made us very grateful for what we have.
Here are some pictures of the trip, we have more posted on Facebook. Enjoy...

Good-bye! See ya next week!

On Monday March 29th 2010 my Thursday Grandma quietly and peacefully passed away. After many rallies of good health she finally just went to sleep. She was 95 and I can truly say I very much enjoyed the last 10 years getting to know her and hang out with her each week. As a kid I was afraid of her stern nature, but once we became friends we were sharing secrets and life's concerns with eachother. I will cherish our relationship forever. I loved our lunches at the Pink Palace and the many laughs we shared. I am grateful for no regrets and cannot wait to see her again. Good-bye for now Gma...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Cabin in the Woods...

After a long few weeks and to celebrate our 16th Anniversary we decided to get away for a weekend to the Dells. We stayed in a vacation cabin in the woods which was PERFECT for us. It was a quiet home away from home.
We spent every night playing games. It was great to have no TV on, no phones or any worldly distractions. The kids found a new game they love...Pictionary! We had a blast and played it every night. What would family game night be without Settlers? This is a version called Zarahemela we borrowed from our friends, and this is Carl plotting his strategy.
The kids switched off staying in the loft. It was a great getaway for them to read and have some quiet time.
This was our first getaway with our dog Cora. While she was unsure of what was going on, she had a great time and even relaxed after the first night.
We LOVED the natural fireplace. We have a gas one at home, so we had one going almost the whole time we were there. I love the smell and crackle of a good fire. It made the days warm and the nights cozy! This is Kaitlyn, Cora and I.
Carl and Scott
We built many fond memories and will defiantly do it again. Thanks Carl for the wonderful time, and for taking the kids to the Kalahari for a day so I could have quiet time of my own!
Bye! Until next time...
"We are all at our best at a cabin in the woods"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Holidays this year were very nice. We had Thanksgiving at Carl's sisters new home. We had a house full which made for a wonderful afternoon! On Christmas Eve we went to visit my Grandma Deglman. It was a nice visit.

My Mom was there with us. She sure is on her toes!
Christmas morning 2009. It was a great day. Mom, Grandma Sullivan, Uncle Rick and Aunt Joanie came over for dinner. Really they did, I just did not take a picture, darn!!
For New Years we always go to Carl's parents to celebrate Christmas. We actually took pictures this year! These are the cousins: Aaron, Kaitlyn, Kyle and Scott. They sure are growing up!
Carl's parents AKA Steve and Mary. Love you guys! Oh yea, and their dog Happy, too!
Our family on New Years Eve. Our first family photo during the Holidays not in front of my Dad's fireplace in a long time.
What would our celebration be without Fondue! We had the spread out to graze on for 2 days! Ugg, we were full! Cora chillin...
A new one this year, Settlers! Carl introduced it to his family. They actually liked it. Hopefully we can play with them again soon. It is our family's favorite game.
It was another wonderful Christmas with the Meyers'. We ate well, exchanged gifts and laughed in the New Year.
Outside it was cold but we even got a look at the Blue Moon New Years Eve. It did not photograph well, but it is a rare event and looked great out the picture window.

Happy Holidays and here is to a wonderful 2010!